Advantures is  a wee company set up in 2014 by husband and wife team Jack and Colleen Coe. 

We had just returned from 2 years traveling around Australia in our 4x4 camper "Rex". Working in London for a few months drew a stark contrast to our lifestyle in Australia so one day in Hyde park we came upon the idea to build our own campervans here in the UK and rent them out to budding adventurers. 


We moved to Scotland, (Jack's from there, Colleen is Irish) and used our experience as designer and architect, and life on the road to build our first little camper, we called "Bruce". 


From there we have grown and added to our vans. "Matilda" and "Brad" were the new additions allowing friends and families to explore the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Now we are starting 2018 with two new vans, Cooper and Sheila. As you can probably guess, our vans have Aussie names, reflecting our starting point where this advanture journey began. 


We hand build our campervans and are always trying to increase our use of local, sustainable and recycled materials. We try to incorporate designs that reflect our love and experience of life on the road.


We absolutly love running our little business. We meet loads of great people from all over the world, and play a part in their road trip adventures and the memories it leaves behind. Having our own campervans also allows us to hit the road ourselves, living the vanlife and exploring new places.